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Gainvesville and Chiefland

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

What is Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM)?

COM is a modern paradigm incorporating the strengths of diverse traditional practices (Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Model etc.) into a single workable model which emphasizes DIAGNOSIS and LIFESTYLE. It enables practitioners to collaborate effectively with Western Medicine professionals providing a useful adjunct to Western therapeutic practices. COM strives to update Chinese Medicine, taking into consideration disease patterns and stresses in today’s world, optimizing DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT to maximally benefit both practitioner and patient. Good diagnosis assures treatment of the ROOT (cause). COM strives to heal both the ROOT and the BRANCHES (symptoms) heal. LIFESTYLE is a primary cause of disease and a key component of treatment.


PULSE DIAGNOSIS is the cornerstone of COM. Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is a 21st century version of an ancient art. It is a more involved system than offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is extremely sensitive, capable of assessing the process of disease close to its inception enabling one to take corrective action early.  Thus COM is a truly PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE


CHINESE MEDICINE is a complex comprehensive medical system that developed over 5,000 years.  It has its own principles, diagnostic methods and therapies. According to Chinese philosophy our health is dependent on the motivating energy known as Qi flowing in a smooth and balanced way within channels or meridians in the body. Contained within the Qi are two opposing forces, Yin and Yang.  Harmony depends on the delicate BALANCE between these opposing forces. Qi can be regulated by ACUPUNCTURE etc., so the person is symptom free, physically and emotionally healthy and able to realize their true potential.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a highly effective method of manipulating Qi by inserting very fine, sterile needles with no bore, into acupoints along meridians or pathways that Qi flows. The patient may feel a mild dull ache or slight electrical tingling as contact is made with Qi. Modern science has shown that acupoints occur at areas of low electrical resistance and both the Nervous and Endocrine systems are affected. Western therapies may be continued during these treatments.